What is ichi?

Ichi is a tiny internet community where people can create their homepages for free. These pages are listed on Ichi's index, allowing everyone to explore, discover, and engage with one another.

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  1. Okay, but what's really ichi?
  2. Ichi's index
  3. Create your homepage
    1. Give a TITLE to your home
    2. Give a DESCRIPTION to your home
    3. Add a FAVICON to your home
    4. Add your status at the top of your homepage
    5. Add ichi's badge
    6. Add a journal
    7. And a status!
    8. Use SFTP to manage your files
  4. Create your own ichi
  5. Exchange badge
  6. Etiquette
  7. Contact

Okay, but what's really ichi?

Didn't you like the previous definition? :) Ichi is a place to have fun learning, creating, experimenting and exchanging with simple tools that have been there for a reaaaally long time and aren't likely to go away. It's incredible what we can create with HTML, CSS and even JavaScript. However, it's much more fun with other people.

It feels like the internet becomes a little less human every day. Or rather, humans interact with the web differently as time evolves. Ichi aims to be a little internet corner where anyone can share their world, personality, and help make the web more exciting. So go ahead, use ugly colors, terrible layouts, background music and animated gifs because hey, why not! We're not yet all robots, right? Right? I hope you're not a robot.

Ichi's Index

Ichi's index is the first page you see when you arrive on ichi. It lists every user's homepages. Yours as well! It's a perfect place to explore and meet users you don't already know. On the index, the most recently updated homepages are at the top.

Create your homepage

Who are you? What do you like? Your homepage is like a window to your room. It's your world! Time to paint these walls, and get ready to welcome people in! Just like a home in the real world, it has an (internet) address:

For example, mine is

Your home is made up of files: HTML, CSS, perhaps even JavaScript. Once you have created your account, you will be able to manage your files directly from the web.

So go ahead and create your index.html file! This is a very special file. It's the one that is loaded when visitors visit your homepage.

Give a TITLE to your home

Since your homepage will be listed on Ichi's index, let's give it an epic name. It's done using HTML's title tag. Here's how I've set up mine:

<title>What soup?</title>

Go ahead and add yours to your index.html file!

Give a DESCRIPTION to your home

Titles are good, but a description brings your homepage listing to the next level, don't you think? We're going to use the meta tag to do that. Here's how I've set up mine:

<meta name="description" content="m15o's web portal. Will you be able to answer the question and raise to the top of the leaderboard?">

So much progress. Let's continue!

Add a FAVICON to your home

Favicon are those little icons for homepages that your browser show. Ichi use them as well in the listing! If you don't have one yet, I'd suggest you to go and create one using MERP Draw. Make sure to get a 16x16 file. Save it as "favicon.ico" and upload it to your site's root directory. That's it!

Add ichi's banner

You can add ichi's banner to the footer of your home page. Here's the banner:


and here is the code

<a href="">
    <img src="" alt="ichi"/>

Add ichi's banner

A personal site is a great place to host a journal. Have a look at the HTML Journal format to write yours!

Add your status at the top of your homepage

You can use Status Cafe to add a widget at the top of your homepage that will show your latest status. Have a look at my homepage to see what it could look like!

Use SFTP to manage your files

SFTP is an awesome internet protocol that allows you to edit your files locally on your computer, using any editor you'd like, and transfer them directly to ichi's server. To do that, you need an SFTP client. You could use any SFTP client, but if you don't have any I suggest to go with FileZilla.

Use the credentials you've registered with to connect to ichi's SFTP server. Use s as the host.

This concludes the section on how to create your homepage. Of course, there's a lot to learn. Go ahead and explore all you can do with HTML and CSS to bring even more life to your pages!

Create your own ichi

Ichi is entirely free and open-source. In fact, you are more than welcome to host it on your own server, adapt it, and allow people you know to create their own homepage there.

Source code

Exchange badge

You have a home that's not hosted on ichi? Let's still exchange badge! Add the following to your site:

Notify me at m15o at posteo dot net.





m15o at posteo dot net